Wyeth acquires global license for Inpharmatica’s Admensa Interactiveâ„¢

Inpharmatica Ltd today announces that Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, a division of Wyeth has licensed Admensa Interactive, Inpharmatica’s platform of predictive drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion models and compound prioritization tools.

Wyeth will use Admensa Interactive to support compound selection and optimization in its drug discovery projects.

This new license, agreed after an extensive evaluation, further demonstrates the value that Admensa Interactive brings to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Under the terms of the agreement, Wyeth will receive a multi-site license to Admensa Interactive.

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Admensa Interactive combines predictive models with a desktop interface combining model output with project data from other sources.

This integrated selection and visualization platform drives effective decisions on the best compounds on which to move forward against project criteria.

Admensa Interactive is a major component of Inpharmatica’s range of gene-to-candidate technologies which integrate biology and chemistry-based drug discovery activities.

Inpharmatica’s platform ranges from target selection based on druggability, through rapid identification of hits to selection of high quality leads and pre-clinical candidates, which are prioritized on the basis of good drug-like characteristics.

“We are delighted that Wyeth has opted for a broad deployment of Admensa Interactive in support of its drug discovery projects,” said Matt Segall, Head of the Admensa Business Unit of Inpharmatica.

“The strong uptake of this product by top pharma and biotech companies is a testimony to the unique capabilities it provides for compound optimization.”

Further Information: http://www.inpharmatica.com/admensa.htm