Canada to set up cancer cloud computing facility

Recognition of the insights hidden in genetic data and the difficulty in extracting them has prompted governments around the world to stump up cash for informatics projects. Canada is set to continue upping its investments in the field, with a cancer cloud computing facility the latest project to secure financial backing. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council initiated the project and has brought Genome…

Almost every business today has adopted cloud computing because of the many benefits that it offers. Because of the number of web enabled devices that are used today in the business environment it makes it easy for you to access data using your tablet or smartphone. The benefits of moving your business to cloud computing are many.

Click now to see how cloud computing helps your business to reduce the cost on IT. Moving to this system helps the business to reduce cost on maintaining and managing the IT systems. So you do not have to purchase any expensive systems and equipment to run your business anymore. You can use cloud computing and reduce cost. This saves on operating cost because you do not have to hire expert staff. You save on energy consumption and there is also less time delay.

The other benefit of cloud computing is scalability. The business can now easily scale up and down the operations and requirements quickly. This helps to suit your situation and allows flexibility if there are changes required. You now are saved frompurchasing upgrades that cost you a lot. You also do not needto look out for expensive installations as the cloudcomputingserverproviderinstalls it for you. When you use cloud it gives you free time and this time can be used productively to run your business.

Cloud computing alsohelps in business continuity. It helps to protectyour data and your systems which arecrucial to business continuity planning. Whetherthere isany natural disaster or there is apower failure you do not need to worry anymore because your data is stored safely.

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Boehringer is winning on social media
Biopharma has encountered more critics than cheerleaders as it has cautiously edged into social media, but Boehringer Ingelheim has recently won a high-profile supporter–Twitter ($TWTR). In a case study, the social network praised Boehringer’s use of its platform. PMLiVE spotted the case study on Twitter’s business-focused website. On the site, Twitter describes the social media tactics that have helped…