Targeted Libraries


Definition: An enzyme that adds phosphate groups to another molecule. Many of the key regulatory proteins in the control of gene expression are targets of kinases. The addition of a phosphate group to a protein by a kinase can alter the activity of the protein and are often used as molecular on/off switches. For example, the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor gene is ‘off’ when phosphate groups are added to the protein at specific locations. Removal of the phosphate groups turns the protein ‘on’. Enzymes that remove phosphate groups are known as phosphatases. Note that all enzymes, regardless of function, end in ASE


Definition: An enzyme that cleaves other proteins. A variety of proteases found in our digestive system break down the proteins we eat into sizes that can be absorbed.

Protein is essential for your health. Proteins are composed of amino acids that get joined to form long chains. So if you look at protein it is like a string of beads. Each bead is an amino acid. Here is the complete description of a protein. The body contains 20 amino acids and these are responsible to form the thousands of proteins that the body needs. Proteins perform their work in the body cells.

Protein is essential for the growth and for the maintenance of the tissues. In the normal cases the body breaks down equal number of proteins that is used to repair and build the tissues. Another time it may break down more protein than it is able to create. This increases the needs of the body. The body breaks down more proteins in case of illness, in pregnancy or during breastfeeding. Those who are recovering from a surgery or an injury, athletes as wellasolder people need more proteins. Thebody’srequirements for protein aredependent on the individual’sactivity level and health.

There are other proteins that are hormones. These are chemicalmessengers that help in communicationbetween your tissues, cells and organs. Thesegetsecreted by the endocrinetissues or theglands. They then get transported in the blood and to thetarget organs andtissues where they get bound to the protein receptors on the surface of the cell.

The hormones are grouped into peptides and protein.These aremade using amino acid chains that range from a few to severalhundreds. Thesteroids are madefrom fat cholesterol. These include the estrogen, testosterone and the sex hormones.

Proteases secreted by or associated with cancer cells allow them to digest their way through the tissues that contain them and allow them to spread or metastasize.

Nuclear Receptor Targeted

GPCR Targeted

Ion Channel Targeted

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