Open access to integrated pharmacological data

Currently, pharmaceutical companies assemble their own in-house databases of pharmacological and physicochemical data resources. Open PHACTS integrates data from multiple publicly-available databases, giving you access to a vast linked data resource through a stable, integrated infrastructure.

This allows researchers to build better analysis pipelines — and gives researchers in academia and smaller companies unprecedented access to pharmacological data resources.

What do we mean by “linked data”?

Pharmacological entities — compounds, target pathways, etc. — each have multiple different identifiers used by different data providers. This makes finding information about an entity a complicated, fragmented process. For example, Sorafenib has the following identifiers:

  • DrugBank: DB00398
  • ChemSpider: 187440
  • ChEBI: 50924
  • ChEMBL: CHEMBL1336
  • FDA: ucm376547

In fact, Sorafenib has over 30 of these identifiers, each linking to a different data provider with different bits of information about Sorafenib’s properties and actions.

The Open PHACTS Discovery Platform integrates data associated with each identifier, so that you can browse and query interoperable data about Sorafenib from multiple sources in one place. This allows you to drastically increase the efficiency of your existing research and analysis workflows.

What sort of questions can Open PHACTS answer?

The potential of Open PHACTS to facilitate research is vast. Our example Workflows demonstrate some of the questions that Open PHACTS can help answer for you as a researcher.

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We also provide access to integrated data via the Open PHACTS Explorer and various other Applications for browsing and querying data.