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The European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC) and ChemBridge Corporation have been organising since 2004 the successful series of the International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry.

Chemistry! Most students may shy away from this subject complaining that it is difficult as well as boring. Students may hate the subject especially the day before the exam but they definitely need to changetheirnotion about the subject and not consider it to be a waste.Learn Moreabout why chemistry is a part of your school curriculum.

Chemistryteaches you the ways in which the world around us works. Everything including us is made up of compounds and atoms and this is why chemistry is what teaches how the world interacts. When you understand the chemistry basics you understand the world around you.

Chemistry is sometimes referred to as central science. This is because it connectseverything to each other. Learningchemistry lets you understand geology, biology,environmentalscience , physics and many any other disciplines. When you do not have anunderstanding of basic chemistry you do not get the link to understand theotheraspects of science.

We take part in chemicalreactions each second. It is the chemical reactions that happen in thehuman body the lets us to see or move our eyes andto read apage. Even baking a cake involves many chemicalreactions. Did you know that evenwhen you breathe you make use of chemicalreactions? Thus whether you realise it or not you are using chemistry eachday of your life.

Chemistry is the explanation to everything. Why do the leaves change colour or how yourfavourite cup of coffee is made? Chemistry also has the answer to what kind of food we need in order to survive. You can have better control of the world and the thingsaround you when you have a basic understanding of chemistry.

So do not put away your chemistrytextbooks aside the next time. Learningchemistry increases yourknowledge about thingsdrastically. It lets you understand manyaspects oflife better and you can take more informed decisions now when you know chemistry.

The first edition was held in Moscow, followed by St…