Influenza A and influenza B are 2 of the 3 types of influenza viruses associated with annual outbreaks and epidemics of influenza. The third type, influenza C, causes only mild disease and has not been associated with widespread epidemics or pandemics. Annual outbreaks of influenza are due to minor changes in the surface proteins of the viruses that enable the viruses to evade the immunity humans have developed after previous infections with the viruses or in response to vaccinations.

Only influenza A virus can cause pandemics. When a major change in either 1 or both of their surface proteins occurs spontaneously, no one will have partial or full immunity against infection because it is a completely new virus.Here is how we gain immunity to some diseases. This happens because we acquire antibodies directly from our mother when we are in her womb.Continue reading this on how we gain immunity all our lives. As our body is exposed to new organisms we start to gain some specific immunity. When infections occur they create memory cells. This helps to protect us from any future infections from a related or the same organism. If this new virus also has the capacity to spread from person-to-person, then a pandemic is most likely to occur.

Consequences Of An Influenza Pandemic

During the last century, 3 influenza pandemics caused millions of death worldwide, social disruption and profound economic losses. Influenza experts agree that another pandemic is likely to happen. Epidemiological models project that in industrialized countries alone, the next pandemic is likely to result in 57-132 million outpatient visits and 1.0-2.3 million hospitalizations, and 280 000-650 000 deaths over less than 2 years. The impact of the next pandemic is likely to be greatest in developing countries where health care resources are strained and the general population is weakened by poor health and nutrition.

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Here you can get a better understanding of how excess weight can lead to type 2 diabetes. The risk factors of type 2 diabetes are obesity, excess weight and severe obesity. Most of thetimes people do not consider the health risk of excess weight till they get diagnosed with type- 2 diabetes.

My latest blog postis educational and givesyou information that is needed to improve the health quality.

Type 2 diabetes is a chroniccondition. It is a fatal medical problem and one needs regular monitoring of the blood sugar level .Theindividual also has to get treated regularly. In the caseof type 2 diabetes the body does not produce of use the insulin properly. Insulinis a hormone that is produced by the pancreas that helps to move the sugar to the cells. When this happens then the body starts to get resistant to insulin. The resistance causes a rush in thebloodsugar levels.

Here are the complications of high blood sugarlevels. When there is excess of sugar in the blood then this causes many health related issues. The cells are not able to get enough sugar that they need and when the sugar levels get high in the blood then it starts to cause blood vessel andnerve damage. This usuallyhappens in the kidneys, heart, eyes and feet. There areothercomplications of high sugar and insulin resistance.

It causesan increase in risk of stroke and heartdiseases. It causesnervedamage.Especially in the case of an extremity it could cause renal impairment and problems with the vision.Cardio vascular issues,erectiledysfunction, amputation and depression are other causes of type 2 diabetes.

How is excess sugar managed in thebody?

During fast or between two meals the body relies on the stored glucose that is present in the liver. This is the glycogen. The body uses it for energy. Glycogen is formed of thousand glucose molecules. These are held together using the water molecules. If one fasts for a long time then the body may instead use the fatty acids andthe amino acids that helps in its metabolic processes.

Aftera meal the process of chemical digestion and chewing produces sugar. This is a form of fuel that is readily available. The fuel is used by the organsespecially thebrain tissue and the muscles. In the normal state the glucose that getsproduced fromthesedigestiveprocesses gets into the cells and helpswith other metabolic processes.

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Big data has changed the way in which businesses analyze, manage and leverage data. This is true for any industry. Navigate to this site to know how big data helps the healthcare industry to function.

The healthcare industry has a lot of potential to reduce the treatment costs. It also can predict an epidemic outbreak and avoid those diseases that can be prevented. Healthcare can improve the life quality. Because of the increase in the average life span of humans it is becoming more challenging for the healthcare industry. They need to look for better treatment methods.

The health professionals collect huge amounts of data and look for strategies to apply to better their operations. Big data is essential in healthcare and it is interesting to understand how and why it can help this sector tremendously. It helps to understand the adoption obstacles and provides immense benefits to the sector.

Big data in health care

There are a lot of positive and lifesaving outcomes when it comes to the application of big data in healthcare. Big data refers to the huge amount of information that is created because of the digitization of everything. This vast amount of data gets analysed and consolidated by certain technologies. When big data is applied to healthcare it uses the health data and helps to look for a cure of the disease. It cuts down costs and also helps to prevent the spread of a deadly epidemic.

Because of the changes in the way treatments are done today doctors want to make sure that they understand as much as they can about the patient. They want to learn about thesigns and symptoms early so that they are aware of any warning signs or any serious illness that may arise. It is simpler and also less expensive if the disease is diagnosed and treated at an early stage.

With the use of data analytics in healthcare,prevention is better than cure. It helps to draw a better picture of the patient.

Earlier it was difficult to gather such huge amounts of data for thehealthcareindustry. It was not only time consuming but also costly. However,because of the improvement in technology it is now easy to collect such huge amounts of data and also analyse them to get some valuable insights. This information can be used to improve the healthcare provided. Thehealthcare data analytics thus predicts and solves the problem before it gets too late. It alsohelps in assessingmethods and to treat the patient faster. It allowsbetter tracking of the inventory and lets the patient be more involved in his own healthcare.

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Vienna, 5th September 2017 – The further development of a promising Chikungunya vaccine candidate by Themis Bioscience is now supported with 3 Mio. GBP by the United Kingdom’s innovation agency, Innovate UK. Themis, the Vienna-based specialist for vaccine development, will use these funds to identify and validate a correlate of protection for its prophylactic Chikungunya vaccination candidate. Currently the candidate… Read More

3rd annual Allergies conference on July 6-7, 2016 …

SMi Group is thrilled to present the 3rd annual Allergies conference, taking place on 6th & 7th July 2016 in Central London, UK. Aimed at an audience of senior scientists and allergy specialists involved in immunology and drug research, Allergies 2016 will provide the perfect platform to discuss pioneering clinical developments and the next generation of allergy therapeutics. Created with a top panel of industry thought… Read More

5th annual ADC Summit London on May 23-24, 2016

SMi’s 5th annual ADC Summit provides a comprehensive analysis of the various approaches with the next generation ADCs. Hear the latest insights from Takeda on Adcetris; discuss the latest advancements in research and development from Medimmune; and analyse case studies from big pharma companies such as Roche, Bayer, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novartis and many more. Join industry experts as they share, confer and debate how… Read More

10th Annual Clinical Trial Logistics 2016 London o…

Registration is now live to attend the 10th annual Clinical Trial Logistics conference taking place in London on 18th & 19th May 2016. The implementation of Annex 15 of the Good Manufacturing Practice in Autumn 2015 provided a huge change in the regulatory landscape of the rapidly growing clinical trial supplies industry, with logistics and distribution services accounting for the largest share of the market. Clinical… Read More

3rd Allergy, Asthma, & COPD Conference Januar…

GTCbio is delighted to present the 3rd Allergy, Asthma, & COPD Conference, to be held on January 25-26, 2016 in San Diego, CA. The conference will bring together industry, academia and government experts in the field of allergy, asthma and COPD. Experts will facilitate discourse on the challenges and opportunities for therapeutic and drug development for allergic diseases for the current and future generations. Topics… Read More

Enzymes in Drug Discovery Summit February 29 ̵…

We are excited to announce the Enzymes in Drug Discovery Summit, which will take place February 29 – March 2, 2016 in San Diego, CA. Enzymes have proven to be an important group of drug targets in diseases, and enzyme inhibitors have been among the most successful of drugs. Join us as we discuss ways to overcome drug resistance to these inhibitors, and discuss breakthroughs in targeting historically undruggable…

Do you want to be a pharmaceutical scientist? Then Read Full Article to know what qualifications you will need to enter this career stream. You will need to get a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacy, biology, medicine or engineering. You can get into the entry level positions only with an undergraduate degree. With the degree you can seek out positions in pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and in universities.

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5th International Summit on GMP, GCP & Qualit…

Join us for the GMP Summit 2016 Conference!!!! The biggest conference gathering of the global pharma manufacturing industry, attracting attendees from around the globe. The program agenda provides a unique forum for pharmaceutical executives from around the world to network and hear world-renowned experts discussing the latest insight into the international Intellectual Property, Business Development, Bioequivalence,… Read More

10th Annual Clinical Trial Logistics 2016 London o…

Registration is now live to attend the 10th annual Clinical Trial Logistics conference taking place in London on 18th & 19th May 2016. The implementation of Annex 15 of the Good Manufacturing Practice in Autumn 2015 provided a huge change in the regulatory landscape of the rapidly growing clinical trial supplies industry, with logistics and distribution services accounting for the largest share of the market. Clinical… Read More

Pharmacovigilance, Drug Safety & Risk Managem…

The expansive field of drug surveillance has increased the complexity of problems across the board in relation to PV auditing and meeting the standard requirements. Companies continue to face challenges of understanding the key considerations when presenting to auditors and knowing how to adequately adapt to different regulatory environments and changes. Moreover, clarifying individual roles within the PV system is paramount… Read More

Bill would fast-track promising antibiotics for FD…

The antibiotics arena hasn’t proved lucrative enough for Big Pharma, leading to a mass exodus from the field in recent years. But pharma companies may have a reason to get back in the antibiotics game. A group of bipartisan members in the House of Representatives introduced a bill late Thursday that aims to combat the growing threat of so-called “superbugs” by essentially providing a fast-track route to FDA… Read More

EPA seeks broad powers to regulate chemical indust…

By RANDY LEE LOFTIS / The Dallas Morning News The Obama administration announced Tuesday that it is seeking broad new powers to regulate toxic substances in commerce, products and the environment, including clear authority to ban unsafe chemicals. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson laid out the administration’s principles for rewriting the nation’s main toxic… Read More

BioFocus DPI to apply TET Technology in high-throu…

Saffron Walden, UK and Heidelberg, Germany; 24 April 2009 – BioFocus DPI, a leading provider of gene-to-candidate discovery services, and TET Systems Holding, a privately-held, German-based biotech company, announced today that they have entered into an agreement to apply TET System’s inducible gene technology in high-throughput screening campaigns performed for BioFocus DPI customers.

Purity of the medicinal drugs is tested. The substances that are used to make drugs are checked for purity. These are compulsory tests that need to be done before the drug can be sold. If there are impurities present in the drug then this will lead to side effects.These are undesirable. The content here explains how the drug purity is tested.

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La ricerca di mercato è la chiave per costruireun business sanitario di successo. Questo è importante perché se siavviailvostro business senzaunacorrettaricerca di mercato, allorapotrebbe solo portare a unospreco di tempo e denaro. Quindiassicuratevi di assumereun team di ricerca di mercatoche è qualificatoedespertonel loro lavoro. La ricerca di mercato è ciòche ha aiutatoillancio del prodotto di Varyforteche è un ottimo prodotto per dare sollievodalla vena varicose.

Non sidovrebbespingerel’interolavoro al team di ricerca di mercato, ma lavorare con loro.Analizzareilrisultatodeirisultatichesiottiene. Questo viaiuterà a sottolineareirequisitispecificidell’assistenza sanitaria nellaregionechesistaprendendo di mira. Questo è illavoro di base per ivostripianifuturi. Se ci sonolacuneneiservizisanitarichevengonofornitinellaregione, allorasidovrebbetentare di colmarli. È un ottimo modo per entrare in contatto con iclienti e vedereiltuo business prosperare.

Scelta di investitori e partner     

Il prossimo passo più importante è quello di sceglieresaggiamentei partner e gliinvestitori. Gliinvestitorisono la chiave per qualsiasiattività e devitenere a mentecheituoi partner e gliinvestitorisonotuttinellastessalunghezzad’onda come te. Ciòsignificacheivostri partner commercialidovrebberoessere in grado di condividere la visione simile come voi e edovrebberoancheesserecompatibili. Se ilvostro partner commerciale è ancheilvostrofornitorealloradovrebbeavereancora più importanza. I fornitori di prodottidellavostraattivitàdovrebberoessere in grado di offrireprodottigenuinichesono in grado di battere la concorrenza. Se c’èqualcheconflitto o differenza di opinionetravoi e gliinvestitori e partner poi risolverli in primo luogo.

Si dovrebbesempreessere a conoscenza

Ilsettoresanitario non è un settorestagnante. L’industria continua aevolversi e se siperde la cognizione di eventualisviluppirecenti in questo business allorasiperdetutto. Assicurati di essere a conoscenzadellatendenzarecente e anchetenereilpasso con loro. Dovrestiessere pronto ad accettarenuovetecnologie.L’innovazione è la chiave per sostenere in questo settoreed è ancheil mantra segreto di successosulmercato. Chesitratti di alcunenuove procedure di chirurgia o telemedicina, è necessarioessere al passo con questi.Dovrestiancheincorporarlinellatuaattività.Esserecreativi è ciòchemanterràilvostro business in esecuzione. Allora non puòentrarenientetrate e ilsuccesso.

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Orale Lichen Planus è una condizione quando vedi macchie bianche che si formano in bocca, vedi questo qui. Potrebbe anche essere di colore rosso e si gonfia. Questa è una malattia che colpisce la bocca ed è di lunga durata. Non è possibile trattare Oral Lichen Planus per andare via completamente, ma ci sono modi in cui è possibile tenerlo sotto controllo.

Chiunque può essere colpito da Oral Lichen Planus. Tuttavia, le donne sono più inclini a infettarsi rispetto agli uomini. E ‘anche più comune in coloro che sono sopra 40 anni di età. I giovani adulti, così come i bambini, possono essere colpiti da Oral Lichen Planus.

Cause di Oral Lichen Planus

Ciò che causa Il Licheno Planus orale non è ancora noto. I medici pensano che funzioni in famiglia ed è ereditario. Potrebbe anche essere collegato al sistema immunitario. Il più delle volte le cellule immunitarie attaccano il virus e ti tengono al sicuro. Quando si dispone di Oral Lichen Planus le cellule immunitarie si confondono e iniziano ad attaccare il rivestimento della bocca.

Si potrebbe anche sviluppare questa condizione se siete su alcuni farmaci per il trattamento del diabete, alta pressione sanguigna o malaria. Alcune reazioni metalliche come un ripieno dentale potrebbero anche causare Oral Lichen Planus. Se mordi la lingua e la guancia o hai una corona ruvida, allora potrebbe anche causare Oral Lichen Planus.

Orale Lichen Planus è anche pensato per essere collegato con l’epatite C. Molte persone che sono colpite con l’epatite C ottengono Orale Lichen Planus. Il Licheno orale Planus non è contagioso, il che significa che non puoi passarlo a qualcuno né l’hai ricevuto da qualcuno.

Sintomi di Lichen Planus orale    

I sintomi di Orale Lichen Planus possono mostrare lentamente o può iniziare tutto in una volta. Si può sentire secchezza o un gusto bruciante e metallico in bocca. Poi lentamente iniziare a vedere macchie bianche che si sviluppano sulle gengive, guancia e la lingua. Inizia a sembrare piccoli puntini e ha un modello come un pizzo. Potrebbe anche gonfiarsi ed essere rosso e talvolta anche buccia e blister.

Le piaghe possono bruciare ed essere dolorose per alcuni. Fa male quando si beve o si mangia soprattutto cibo salato, piccante e acido in natura.

Diagnosi orale Lichen Planus   

Per diagnosticare orale Lichen Planus il medico prenderà una piccola parte della pelle dall’interno della bocca. Questa è una biopsia. La pelle sarà testata in laboratorio per verificare la presenza del problema.

Il medico può anche chiedere un esame del sangue per escludere eventuali complicazioni.

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Enclosures Makers

OKW Gehäusesysteme
The core competences of OKW Gehäusesysteme are the development and distribution of solution-oriented standard cases and tuning knobs.

Here are the factors that you should consider before you buy a tuning knob.Click This Link that will let you make the right purchase. Along with selecting the type of knob that you need, you also have to keep in mind some otherfactors which will ensure that the knob is right.

Security is an important thing to consider and should not be ignored. If you want to fix the door knob in the exteriors then understand that the knob is what stands between your home and an intruder. So you need to take care to not make the selection lightly. Most of the doorknobs are tested and come with a grade that lets you find out how tight they are in security.

The grade 1 door knobs are the highest in terms of offering security and these are used for commercial purposes. The grade 2 knobs also do well and they are mostly installed in residential apartments.The grade 3knobs can offer you only some basic security and theseshould only be used in the interior doors of your house. Do not use the grade 3 knob in the exterior door. If you are concerned about a potentialintrudergetting into your house the it makes sense to invest ina grade 1 or grade 2 knob so that you have peace of mind.

External door knobs are there to offer you security. There are internal door knobs that are there to offer privacy to the residents in the home. It lets you lock the door to not let othersenter.This can be used for the bathroom door or in case you are changing in your bedroom. Basically these are used to avoid any unwanted walk-ins. While you may not be concerned about security in your home but you need privacy for a happierlivingenvironment. So make sure that you have door knobs installed in all doors in your house.

The knobs come in varied ranges. Theprice is dependent on the material quality and the security that the door knob offers. You have a vast range of door knobs so that gives you ample of choices to choose from. Make sure that you keep your budget and needs in mind before you go to purchase a door knob.
TEKO Enclusre Solutions
TWINS Enclusure
A manufacturer of plastic safety case, die casting aluminum enclosure, plastic waterproof junction box. The products are widely used in industries of electronics, instruments, meters, communication automation, PLC, control box and so on.

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Web Directory

Compounds and Compound Libraries

Actimol – Actimol compounds and compound libraries
Drug Discovery News

Cancer Research NewsDrug Discovery Software News
Natural Products, Natural Compounds News
Drug Discovery and BioScreening News
Drug-Like Compounds News
Drug Discovery Press Releases
Targeted Libraries News
Bird Flu Research News

Drug Discovery Portals Life Science directory, news and events – Drug Discovery News and Events

Biospace – Biotech and Pharmaceutical News & Jobs
Online Stores and Catalogs

eChemShop – Specialty chemicals, HPLC columns, scientific software

Naturals Store – Natural products, vitamins, food supplements, cosmetics

Many cancer patients want to try out alternativetreatments for cancer. It lets them feel that they have some control on their health. The alternativetreatments for cancer may be unproven and may at times also be dangerous. Howevernot all the alternativetherapies are dangerous.

The alternativetreatments for cancer may not directly help to cure cancer. Howeverit can help you with the signs and symptoms of the treatments given out for cancer. Somesymptoms of cancer include fatigue, anxiety, stress,vomiting andpain which can be lessened when you usesomealterative treatment therapies. This is a related site .It will let you know of some alternative cancer treatments.

When the alternativecancertreatments are taken along with the traditional treatmentthen it can help you get relieffromsomecancersymptoms. Make sure that you discuss this with yourdoctor so that you can work out on strategies that can help you to feel better. There has to be abalance betweenalterativecancertreatments and traditionalmedications. The complimentary treatments for cancer may help to reduce cancer symptoms but they are not powerful enough to let you eliminate the cancer medications totally.

Acupuncture is a treatment where the practitioner will insert tiny needles into the skin at the precise points. Acupuncture can help to relieve nausea that one feels when taking the chemo treatment. Acupuncture can also help give relief from pain caused because of cancer. It is important that if you choose to get an acupuncture treatment then you get it done by a licensed practitioner. The practitioner should use sterile needles. If however you are on blood thinners or have a low blood count then acupuncture may not be safe for you.

Psychology Space – Psychology News and Resources
Software – Chemical database management and prediction of physico-chemical properties

Chem Helper – Provides chemistry news, reference, software and web links.

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Grades of chemical reagents

Grades of chemical reagents describe the sufficient purity for use in chemical reactions, chemical analysis, physical testing and various laboratory applications. Purity standards for reagents are set by organizations such as ACS(American Chemical Society), ASTM International, European Pharmacopeia. Some reagent grades are registered trademarks such as BAKER ANALYZED™, ULTREX®/ULTREX®, PHOTREX®. Below is a list of common reagent…
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11th EFMC Short Course on Medicinal Chemistry Engi…
This intensive course is intended for scientists with interests in the field of peptide and protein engineering covering topics around synthetic peptides, engineered proteins and therapeutic antibodies. The number of participants will be limited to 35 to assure the possibility for in-depth discussions. The presentations and tutorials will be given by academic and industrial experts and will cover broad historical perspectives…
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14th International Symposium on Hyphenated Techniq…
After a successful 13th edition of our conference on Hyphenated Techniques in Chromatography and Separation Technology, we are happy to announce the opening of HTC-14 from January 27th until 29th, 2016. Contrary to previous editions, we have decided to move the conference to Ghent. It will be held in the conference centre “Het Pand” in the historical heart of the city. As you might know from previous editions, the HTC…
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FMC-ASMC’15 – 6th EFMC International S…
in combination with the 13th Annual Meeting of the Medicinal Chemistry Section of the Israel Chemical Society Rehovot, Israel – November 15-18, 2015 The European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC) and ChemBridge Corporation have been organising since 2004 the successful series of the International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry. The first edition was held in Moscow, followed by St….
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Cancer Metabolism Conference November 16-17, 2015,…
We invite you to the Cancer Metabolism Conference, November 16-17, 2015 in San Francisco, CA. Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of the abnormal cells in the body. The old cells do not die. They instead start to go out of control and form abnormal new cells. These extra cells form a tissue mass. This is called a tumour. There are some forms of cancers like leukaemia that does not form any tumour.Go to these guys who are the best in cancer treatment.Though the field of cancer metabolism has existed for years, only recently have researchers begun to uncover the biological nature of metabolic changes in cancer cells. Research has been aimed at inhibiting key enzymes in cancer cell-specific metabolic pathways as therapeutic targets. The conference program will cover various…
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Cancer Diagnostics Conference November 16-17, 2015…
We invite you to attend the Cancer Diagnostics Conference, which will take place November 16-17, 2015 in San Francisco, CA. The conference will bring together an exciting balance of industry and academia, so that delegates have the unique opportunity to network with colleagues from different sectors and discuss new research in cancer diagnostics, including next generation sequencing, the use of clinical utility of cell-free…
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World AntiMicrobial Resistance Congress USA 2015 O…
The World AntiMicrobial Resistance Congress USA gathers key stakeholders from government, funding agencies, pharma, academia and payers to discuss the urgent need for new antibiotics. President Obama has outlined his 5-year action plan to fight AMR and is seeking to double the AMR funding to $1.2B, but the bigger challenge is how to deliver these actions. This 2-day conference presents solutions through key notes, case study…
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2nd Next Generation Sequencing & Bioinformati…
We welcome you to join us at GTCbio’s 2nd Next Generation Sequencing & Bioinformatics Conference on October 5-7, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. This conference gathers the foremost experts to present on leading-edge technology in next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics featuring discussions on opportunities and challenges in NGS, bioinformatics, and data management. Join your peers in this one-of-a-kind opportunity to…
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Lyophilisation – Europe on June 29-30 2015, …
The global market for lyophilisation is projected to be worth $3.26bn in 2015, spurred by the strong growth of new drugs and efforts to increase clinical approval. Lyophilisation is an established method in the formulation of biological products, and an invaluable tool for prolonging shelf life and stability for biological drugs and vaccines. As under met needs in drug transport and long term storage continues to prevail,…
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Biobanking on June 22-23 2015, London, United King…
The increasing amount of sample and information sharing between biobanks and research facilities has ignited major discussions on how to successfully grow and maintain biobanks. With talks surrounding effective practices required for the management of specimen collections and repositories to ensure preservation of the integrity and future value of specimens, as well as practical implementation issues relating to privacy and…
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The Expanding Toolbox of Medicinal Chemistry: From…
Until recently, Medicinal Chemistry has mostly focused on the exploration of biologically active molecules and their optimization towards pharmaceutical applications. There is, however, an increasing need for medicinal chemists to contribute to the drug discovery and development process more broadly, in order to enable the development of truly improved medicines. This includes providing tools for therapeutic target…

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