Bird Flu Treatment

Flu drugs exist that may be used both to prevent people from catching bird flu and to treat those who have it. The virus appears to be resistant to two older generic flu drugs, amantadine and rimantadine. However, the newer flu drugs Tamiflu and Relenza are expected to work – though supplies could run out quickly if an outbreak occurs.

Here is a Full Report on how infectious diseases are caused. These can be caused because of bacteria. Bacteria are one celled organisms which are responsible to cause illness. Infections are also caused because of viruses. The virus is smaller than the bacteria but these are responsible to cause many diseases.

Fungi too cause diseases. These are mostly responsible to cause skin diseases. Parasites cause malaria and the parasite gets transmitted by a mosquito. The other parasites could get transmitted either through animal or man fecus.

The easiest way to get infected is to come in contact with a person or an animal that is already infected. The diseases that are infectious in nature can spread because of person to person contact. These spread when there is direct transfer of bacteria, germs or virus from one person to the other.

The infection also spreads when there is exchange of bodily fluids that occurs when one comes in sexual contact. The person who passes the germ could have no symptoms at all but may just be a carrier of the disease.

Diseases can also spread from animal to humans. If you are beaten or are scratched by an animal that is infected then this can make you sick. At times this could also be fatal. It is dangerous to handle animal waste. Infection could also pass on from a mother to her unborn child. A pregnant woman could pass the germs that cause infections to the unborn baby. Some germs may pass through the placenta or pass through breast milk. The germs in the vagina could also get transmitted to the baby when the mother gives birth.

Organisms may cause disease without direct contact. Germs could stay in inanimate objects. This could be a doorknob or a table top. So if you touch a door knob that has been touched by someone who is infected with flu then you can pick up the germs from there. If you then touch your mouth, eye or nose with your hands without washing then you get infected too.

Currently there is no vaccine, although scientists are working to develop one. It probably will take several months to complete and may not be ready in time to stop a widespread human outbreak, if one occurs.