Bird Flu Symptoms

Bird flu can cause a range of symptoms in humans. Some patients report fever, cough, sore throat and muscle aches.

So what can be done if one has been infected with bird flu? Look at more info here on how the treatment will vary because of the severity of the condition. Theinfection severity and the type of virus determine your treatment plan. The H5N1 virus has a high rate of mortality. However, the otherkinds of bird flu viruses do not cause death and are treated easily.

Some possiblecomplications that the infected may go through are sepsis which is aninflammatory response to germs and bacteria that is fatal. One can also suffer from organ failure, pneumonia and an acute respiratory distress. If you have handled birds or have been traveling to places where there is an avianinfluenza outbreak and you seesymptomsof bird flu then do not hesitate in calling up your doctor.

To preventgettinginfected with bird flu your doctor willrecommend that you get a shot for flu. This will also prevent you from influenza of human strain. In case you develop human flu and avian flu simultaneously then it could cause a deadly flu form.

Though there are no recommendations against travelingto those countries that are infected with thevirusstill you should take care to avoid going to the open air markets.Do not eat poultry that is undercookedand try to notcome in contact with the birds that are infected. It is also important that you wash your hands regularly and maintain good hygiene.

The FDA has announced and given its approval for a vaccine that prevents humans from getting infected with a particular strain of bird flu. The vaccine however is not availablecommercially to the public. There is still development going on tocreateothervaccines to prevent bird flu.

There are some companies that are also trying to come up withvaccinesagainst all known influenza strains. This is a universalvaccine for all flu conditions.

It is important that if you see anysigns of bird flu then you do not take it lightly. If an animal or human gets infected with human flu andbird flu at the same time then the virus of bird and human flu could end up swapping the genes. Even if the genes are not swapped the H5N1 virus could mutate to a form that infects humans more easily.

The H5N1 mutants that are created in the labs remain under high security. It would be bad if the virus becomes contagious as human flu. If it continues to be lethal the way it is then it could increase the fatality rate to more than 60%.

Others suffer from eye infections, pneumonia, acute respiratory distress and other severe and life-threatening complications.