Bird Flu Prevention

Rapid elimination of the H5N1 virus among infected birds and other animals is essential to preventing a major outbreak. The World Health Organization recommends that infected or exposed flocks of chickens and other birds be killed in order to help prevent further spread of the virus and reduce opportunities for human infection.

Though there are steps being taken to prevent one from getting infected with the bird flu virus still you are at a greater risk of getting infected with the virus under the following conditions. If you work in a poultry farm or are a traveller who has visited an area that has been infected with bird flu then your chances of getting the disease are more. Also if you are exposed to some birds’ that are infected or eat eggs and poultry that are undercooked then you may be exposed to the virus.

Try this site to know of ways to prevent yourself from gettinginfected with the H5N1 virus. Take precautions if you work in the healthcare sector and take care of patients infected with bird flu virus.

 If you feel that you are infected with bird flu virus then it is important that you get yourselfdiagnosed. The doctor willask you to geta test done to identify the virus. This is a test that can give you the preliminaryresult in just four hours. However, the test is not available widely.

The following tests may also be carried out to look for the presence of the bird flu virus. White blood cell differential, chest x-ray, nasopharyngeal culture and auscultation are the tests that can assess your condition. Thedoctor may also advice you to do some additional tests. This is to check the condition of your kidney,heart andyour liver.

The different kinds of bird flu viruses show different symptoms. This is why the treatment that the doctorwillsuggest to you will also vary based on your condition. Some antiviral medications can help to decrease the severity of your condition. However, it is important that the antiviralmedicationsare taken within 48 hours of observing the bird flu symptoms.

The doctor may alsoask your family members or those whom you come in contact with to take the antiviralseven if they are not sick. This is to prevent themfromgetting infected. You willalso have to stay in an isolated placebecause the infection spreads to others easily.

However, the agency warns that safety measures must be taken to prevent exposure to the virus among workers involved in culling.