3rd annual Peptides event on July 6-7 2016, in London, UK

In recent years, therapeutic peptides have been developed for the treatment of several diseases such as cancer, metabolic disorders, nervous system disorders and gastrointestinal disorders, among others.

Heartburns are symptoms of reflux and these are the most common digestive problems faced by people. It is painful and also can cause harm to the esophagus. Over time it may lead to cancer. Heartburn is a burning feeling that is hot and rises from the centre of the abdominal area. It goes into the chest and you can feel it under your breastbone. There is a sour feeling in the mouth. Some causes of heartburn are consuming alcohol, some medications and pregnancy. Kids below twelve years of age may have a condition of GERD that is not accompanied with heartburn.  The symptoms are similar to asthma and one suffers from trouble in swallowing and has dry cough.

The doctor would prescribe drugs to reduce the level of acid. In severe cases the doctor will tighten any loose muscle that is between the esophagus and the stomach so that it inhibits the flow of acid upwards. A laparoscopic surgery is a small incision that lessens the scarring. It also quickens the procedure as compared to other treatments.Go to this web-site if your condition is not that severe and you want to try out healthy and safe methods to ease your symptoms.

An unexplained pain in the stomach could be because of peptic ulcer. Taking a painkiller in this condition will worsen your symptoms. If you suspect that you are suffering from peptic ulcer then you need to get a test for Helicobacter pylori. The ulcers are caused because of bacteria that disrupt the protective mucus layer. These are lining sores in the stomach or in the first stretch of your small intestine. The other reasons why you may suffer from peptic ulcers are because of smoking which increases the acidity in the stomach. Alcohol can also be the reason to develop peptic ulcer.

As a result of their efficacy treating a huge array of conditions, further research has been done to develop a rich pipeline of novel peptides.

SMi’s 3rd annual Peptides event provides the perfect platform to discuss the latest innovations and development in the peptides industry and explore a number of pressing issues such as the use of Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPP), the challenges involved with oral peptides and novel technologies, and many more.