2nd Tissue Models & Phenotypic Screening Conference May 5 – 7, 2015, Berlin, Germany

The 2nd Tissue Models & Phenotypic Screening Conference will take place on May 5 – 7, 2015 in Berlin, Germany.

Over the years, three-dimensional (3D) models have become more favored over two-dimensional models (2D) because they better mimic the in vivo environment. Though 3D models have the potential to reduce failure in early stage drug discovery, there are still many questions to be answered: What are the gaps that still exist between 3D and 2D models?

3Dprinting is now used in many industries. The medical industry too makes use of the 3D model technology. The technology can replace the organ transplants in humans. It is used to speed up many surgical procedures.3D models help to make cheaper forms of the tools used in surgery. It immensely improves the lives of those who are dependent on prosthetic limbs.

In the 3D models a blueprint or a digital model of the object is taken and this is printed in many layers of the appropriate material that helps in creating a new form of the subject.

The technique has found acceptance in the medical field.Navigate to these guysif you want to know about an anti-ageing cream that was made after a lot of research and that which helped in making one look younger. There is extensive use of CT scans and MRI’s in the medical field and these helps to produce digital models. These images are then fed into the 3D printer.

How will we conduct research to fill those gaps and what technological developments are needed?

Sessions for the meeting include:
I. Human Tissue Engineered Models for Drug Development
II. Biomimetic In Vitro Models: Development, Structure, and Function
III. In-Vivo 3D Models for Drug Safety Testing (Toxicology) and Screening
IV. Phenotypic Screening with Functional Analysis Including Complex Models
V. Target Identification & Target Fishing After a Phenotypic Screen
VI. Phenotypic Screening for Target Deconvolution (joint session with parallel Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry Conference)
VII. Advances in Phenotypic Screening and Functional Analysis
VIII. Case Studies in Phenotypic Screening
IX. High Content Analysis of Tumor Spheroid Models
X. Developing Physiologically Relevant Models: 2D, Tissue, and Organ System Models

This meeting will bring together researchers from across multiple disciplines, from both industry and academia, to discuss how we can better engineer tissues for clinical delivery and develop models for drug screening.