10th Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry Conference May 11-12, 2016, Berlin, Germany

We are excited to announce the 10th Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry Conference, to be held May 11-12, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. This meeting will provide a multi-disciplinary forum for industry and academia colleagues to gather and explore the changing landscape of drug discovery in emerging target classes and chemical biology approaches for discovering new medicines.

A new drug could be a biological therapeutic or a new chemicalentity. It is a complex process to develop a new drug which is not only timeconsuming but also costly. Theprocessinvolves identifying a new target to test on humans for safety and efficacy.Read More Hereon some new drugs used to treat diabetes.

A major part of the development process is clinical testing. Here are some potential new forms of drugs that are selected for a clinical trial. The drugs could either succeed or fail at this stage based on its merit. This is determined in the evaluations done. It is important that every step of the process is explored completely. This includes the discovery through the production and finally delivery. The process should be understood and characterised.

Discovering a new drug is a long and complex process which involves a complete improvement cycle. One needs to consider several biological targets for every medicine that is approved to be used clinically. New tools are used to investigate every new target.

Drug discovery has gone through different strategies based on the amount of knowledge that is available about a disease. There are also services and products that can accelerate the program of drug discovery. There are assay kits, substrates and enzymes that are used for screening.

In the modern days target based drug discovery approach has been the dominant method implied in drug discovery. Here the drugs act by engaging in a molecular target. The method is beneficial because it uses biochemical assays that are straightforward and this can be carried out either in the simple or an automated format.

Leaders in the field will present on hot topics such as protein-protein interactions, overcoming resistance in drug design, allosteric inhibitors, and many more. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet colleagues during dedicated networking sessions and form new connections.

Session topics include:

I. Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions
II. Chemogenomics and Chemical Biology for Target Identification and Validation
III. Novel Computational Methods
IV. Immmuno-oncology & Therapeutic Potential
V. Neuroprotective Drugs for the CNS & Blood Brain Barrier
VI. Kinase Inhibitor Design & Overcoming Resistance and Selectivity- Joint session with 2nd Kinase Inhibitors Design & Screening

Conference Dates: May 11-12, 2016